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Whichever of our four levels you are attending, everyone is there to help you. Throughout the day your assigned coach will follow you and observe each aspect of your riding.


Gary Gary Adshead

Gary Adshead


As principal of the California Superbike School, for me, it’s all about the global community of motorcycling and the worldwide community that has evolved in the period since Keith Code originally set up the school.

I meet the most amazing people from so many different walks of life, yet we all share a passion for motorcycles and motorcycle life. I’m proud of the school, of the whole team, and most importantly I’m grateful to every student who has invested in the school and who has trusted us with their training.

Photo of Glenn Glenn Curtis

Glenn Curtis

Deputy Chief Riding Coach


Andy Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Photo of Ben Placeholder B/W picture of Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong

Placeholder picture of Dan Falconer Placeholder B/W picture of Dan Falconer

Dan Falconer

Duncan Duncan McLeod

Duncan McLeod

Photo of Gavin Placeholder B/W picture of Gavin Shaw

Gavin Shaw

Placeholder picture of Gorkem Canverdi Placeholder B/W picture of Gorkem Canverdi

Gorkem Canverdi

Izzy Izzy De Montet Guerin

Izzy De Montet Guerin

Marco Marco Rossetto

Marco Rossetto

Placeholder picture of Mark Whitehead Placeholder B/W picture of Mark Whitehead

Mark Whitehead

Mike Mike Dring

Mike Dring

Nick “Nik Nak” Daukes

Nick “Nik Nak” Daukes

Scott Scott Pentleton

Scott Pentleton

Coach / Training Officer
Placeholder picture of Sid Trivellore Placeholder B/W picture of Sid Trivellore

Sid Trivellore

Photo of Nipper Placeholder B/W picture of Stephen “Nipper” Fitch

Stephen “Nipper” Fitch

Tim Tim Durham

Tim Durham

Ty Ty Smith

Ty Smith


Head of Operations

Jane Adshead

Jane Adshead

Head of Operations

Operations Team

Placeholder B/W picture of Daryll Young

Daryll Young

Master Technician
Emilie Placeholder B/W picture of Emilie Ellston

Emilie Ellston

Placeholder picture of Ian Marriott Placeholder B/W picture of Ian Marriott

Ian Marriott

Assistant Course Control
Placeholder picture of James Freeman Placeholder B/W picture of James Freeman

James Freeman

Master Technician
Mick Placeholder B/W picture of Mick Asquith

Mick Asquith

Course Control / Wrangler
Placeholder picture of Peter Marsh Peter Marsh

Peter Marsh

Assistant Course Control / Wrangler
Sean Placeholder B/W picture of Sean Grey

Sean Grey

Course Control / Wrangler
Placeholder picture of Tim Keeton Placeholder B/W picture of Tim Keeton

Tim Keeton