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We will need to obtain permission for you to attend if you hold an ACU licence, please contact the Head of Operations for more information.

You can bring friends to watch the track portion of the school but they will not be allowed to sit in on the classroom sessions.

The circuits do NOT allow children under the age of 16 in to pit-lane areas. The physical layouts of the circuits we visit are subtly different. If you would liker to bring friends or family members who are minors please contact the Head of Operations in advance of the event to understand the specifics of the venue.

Every track is different so you’ll need to contact them directly. We do not have any arrangements for camping at track.

We love our students taking pictures and filming their experiences, however we ask that none of the classroom sessions or personalised debriefs are filmed. We need for our students to be concentrating on the content of the school rather than being distracted by their personal technology.

If you have any specific filming requests please contact the Head of Operations to apply for a media pass and information pack.

Yes we offer a selection of brand new Kawasaki motorcycles, these change each season. Please check the website for details of our current fleet and their hire costs.

This fleet is limited in number and only available on a first come first served basis. Please also note the cancellation policy also applies to motorcycle hire.

You can request a Coach by name however we cannot guarantee the allocation. That coach may not be at the track on your school day or they might have different duties that day.

The majority of students attending the school choose to bring and ride their own motorcycle. Alternatively you may choose to hire one from the school (Prior booking essential)

Important notes – All motorcycles are subject to scrutineering and inspection and must be sound and appropriate for riding on track. This includes its ability to pass the noise level restrictions which are applicable to any given circuit on a school day. A motorcycle which fails an inspection will not be allowed on track and, unfortunately, a refund can not be given as we are unable to resell a place with no notice. If any minor infringements are found our on-site technical team will do their best to assist you in rectifying any issues however the responsibility lies with the student to arrive with a motorcycle which meets the school and the circuit owner’s requirements.

Usually yes. Please contact the Head of Operations to let us know who your friends are and we can usually put you in the same group.

If you are training at a different level to your friends then we may not be able to put you all in the same group.

No, it doesn’t work like that. The syllabus has evolved over forty years and we know what works. All students go through the Levels in order and each one takes a full day to complete. 

Once you have finished the day and completed the course to your coach’s satisfaction, you can move on to the next Level the next time you attend.

Many students choose to repeat a Level to again practise the skills a given Level focuses on.

We are a school and not a track day therefore racing and lap timing is prohibited. A school day accommodates students of different levels who are there to learn at their own pace. Personal filming is possible however no helmet cameras are permitted and any motorcycle mounted cameras need to be two-point mounted and approved by course control prior to you being allowed on-track.

Yes, even top racers we have trained have all started with Level 1, everyone starts the course at the beginning.

The syllabus is designed to build your skills through each level you attend, with Level 2 following Level 1 and so on.

You will need a full UK licence with motorcycle entitlement to attend the UK Schools and a European or equivalent license to attend any European Schools.

Note: Some overseas licenses are acceptable however please confirm your license is valid ahead of attending the School.

Safety is our priority – and all motorsport is dangerous. However this is a school and not a track day. The school operates at the UK’s premier circuits and these circuits in turn provide professional marshalling and safety support. All students are instructed to ride at 75% of their own personal ability and we encourage you to adhere to the strict safety rules which we impose. In the unlikely event of an accident, regardless of whether it is on your own motorcycle or one of ours, your day ends. There are exceptions to this, if you are truly OK and haven’t been breaking any of the rules of the school prior to the crash, then Course Control can decide to let you ride again. If you crash one of our hired fleet motorcycles, any damage must be paid for before you can go back out on track on another motorcycle (Subject to one being available). If you have any helmet damage you are not allowed to go back out on track.

Yes, we have female coaches on the team and we have trained thousands of female riders to a very high standard.

You should be comfortable on your motorcycle and be able to operate the controls of the bike easily with enough attention left over to take in new information.

We do not teach first-time or beginner riders. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Each Level (1-4) takes a full day to complete.

The maximum number of students on track is 24, 27 or 30 depending on the circuit format.

The day is structured so every student gets 5 on-track riding sessions per day.

Prices vary by location – Please check current circuit and course pricing on our website. Cost includes a place for training only. Motorcycle hire is an additional cost.

Charges vary relative to the specific motorcycle make and model, and the charges include fuel, tyres and insurance (Subject to a damage insurance excess of £2,000 should an accident occur)

We are able to accept minors at the school (Under 18) however we need to gain a specific approval from the circuit owners for this so please email the Head of Operations and make this request prior to booking.

Stipulations, regulations and insurance policies vary from circuit to circuit.

Every school day (subject to his availability) has Tim Keeton, a world class motorsport photographer present. Photographs taken on the day are available to purchase either at your point of booking or after each school day has been completed.

Water, bananas & crisps are provided by the school team.

There is a range of food and beverage available at each of the circuits we attend and these can be purchased on-site. Students are welcome to bring their own provisions. Circuit rules state we are allowed to provide tea and coffee for the team and the school’s staff, however all student refreshments must be purchased from the circuit.


If your motorcycle has a small fuel tank or uses a lot of fuel, please bring extra in suitable containers. 

You need enough fuel for 100–150 miles, however you will be using the throttle and rev range of your motorcycle which means most motorcycles need additional fuel through the course of the day.

Additional motorcycle preparation includes:

1. Good tyres (90% tread). We offer an excellent tyre deal to fit and install Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV (Prior booking required).

2. Good brakes and unhindered throttle action.

3. No fluid leaks.

4. Compliant with advised noise limits

On the bike you hire you are liable for up to and no more than £2,000. 

Our fleet is attended to by the importer and all parts used in repairs must be genuine and fitted by qualified technicians.

If the damage caused is valued at less than this amount you are charged the lesser amount. 

We operate the school through the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons in the UK and across Europe to take advantage of the good-weather season – and we operate come rain or shine. Most tracks have excellent traction and schools are often run in wet conditions. The skills we teach are also as relevant in the wet as they are in the dry. Our experience over many years is that it rarely rains all day. We’ll be there and we’d love for you to be there too. If the conditions are so bad that we can’t run at all or if we have to stop, there are, unfortunately, no refunds.

In the event of this occurring a voucher to the value of your original booking would be issued for an alternate day of your choice.

An amazing day out at a premiére circuit riding motorcycles with some of the best coaches in the world, meeting like-minded people and motorcycle enthusiasts and improving your own rider skills.

On your school day, please be at the track promptly at the time requested. 

7:00am arrival for registration. 

8:00am compulsory safety briefing.

All motorcycles need to be inspected and pass scrutineering prior to them being allowed on track.

First classroom times commence after the safety briefing has concluded. 

Students then go out on track in their groups and with their Coach to practice a specific skill and drill. 

At the end of each on-track session there is a personalised debrief and then it’s back into the classroom for a new class. 

You repeat this for a total of 5 times in the classroom, 5 times on track and receive 5 debriefs.

Each group has some downtime with which we recommend students eat and drink in order to remain hydrated and alert.

A lunch break is taken – for students and the team.

The day ends around 5pm.

For Levels 1 to 3 it is 1 Coach for every 3 Students. At Level 4 the school also provides 1 Coach for every 3 Students and an additional off-track Level 4 geoup liaison coach.

Our Policy is standard industry practice among car and motorcycle schools. Please consider the school needs to hire circuits, book coaches and organise extensive logistics in order to deliver a given event day. The following applies to any and all reasons for cancelling OR rescheduling including accidents, missed travel connections, bike thefts and/or technical malfunctions, Acts of God, health issues, work or personal emergencies, everything.

1. Your payment (or voucher payment) for an event ticket secures your own personal place or that of a named guest at the school at a venue, on a Level and on a given date.

2. If you cancel or reschedule 14 days or more before your scheduled date(s), you will be issued with a full-value voucher to be used at your discretion. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Note: Vouchers can be transferred to a third party name however prior agreement with the School’s Head of Operations is required.

3. If you cancel with less than 14 days before your scheduled date(s ) you forfeit your entire fee. This includes “no shows” on the day of the school.

There are, unfortunately, no exceptions to the above.

If this is your first time attending the school you will start at Level 1. 

We do not consider this a beginner class – The school levels are broken down into a purposeful and ordered syllabus and we have to call the first section something so we called it Level 1!

Any motorcycle over 250cc or a 2-stroke over 125cc.

Required rider equipment

Leathers: Leather suit (1 piece racing leathers or 2-piece which zip fully together no visible gaps). No textile clothing is allowed.

Note: Circuits do not allow textile suits however expensive they may be!

Helmet: Must be ACU approved and have the gold standard sticker applied.

The helmet must also be a full  face helmet. Unfortunately no flip-up helmets. (Prohibited by the circuit owners.)

Important note – If there is no sticker you will NOT be able to use the helmet.  

Boots: Riding boots that cover above your ankles.

Gloves: Full-fingered riding gloves with a collar/cuff that extends passed the wrist.

Back Protector: A full length back protector is now mandatory on circuit. This may be integrated to your leather suit or a separate specialist back protector may be worn. This will be checked by course control prior to each riding session.

Please note – Currently due to COVID we are unable to hire out equipment at this time.

All four levels will be taught on each school day however only a limited number of places for each Level are available on each day in order that the school can plan its coaching and riding teams effectively.

Video review with data – Only Level 4 and subject to availability.

Absolutely! So much fun you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. For sure there will be times in your training where it’s difficult, where something isn’t quite working. You will undoubtedly have preconceptions and questions to ask. That’s why the Coaches are at the school, so you can ask them about anything you are unsure about. Beyond the training programme itself you’ll meet some amazing people – coaches and students alike. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are full of past students and coach conversations and information and you’ll be welcomed to our community as a new friend. You’ll find the day enjoyable and you’ll more than likely want to come back for more!

The circuits we attend do tend to have fuel facilities on site however that doesn’t mean they are always open!

You can contact the track directly or bring extra fuel in an appropriate container.

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