Level 1

Level 1 addresses the six most common errors that riders make and why. You will realise exactly how they have stopped or slowed your own improvement as a rider. There will be a technical briefing for each one, including on and off track drills that put you in control of them and your assigned coach for the day will observe and correct any difficulties you are having with each drill. You will be coached as an individual according to your skill level and you will improve. Confidence and control are shattered when riders experience vague fears about turn entry speed, finding good lines, bike stability and their own rider-induced errors. These fears and uncertainties are addressed and replaced with confident and precise bike control.

Level 2

Once an understanding is achieved of what a motorcycle can and should do for you from the Level 1 drills, we move on step-by-step to sharpen the visual skills. Level 2 is all about solutions to problems we face with our eyes.

The school’s visual drills put you in control of the road. We define our visual enemies and how to overcome them. Everyone knows that target fixation is dangerous and with our logical procedures, your eyes become precision instruments. The results of Level 2 are amazing. Riders lose their claustrophobia in corners and gain the freedom to really use the roads they ride.

As with Level 1, there are five technical briefings and five track sessions during the day.

Level 3

Level 3 addresses how you interface with the bike, your body position choices and how these can affect the cornering process. All five of the drills completed in Level 3 are indispensible tools and once rider position and stability are completely understood it paves the way for line selection options that are applicable (and beneficial) to both track and road riding.

Using our body weight we can influence what the bike can do and its stability but we have to move correctly. Jumping around all over the bike will only cause problems that you will find yourself fighting to overcome. You and your bike should be working together and Level 3 shows you how this is done.

The final drill is called Attack Angles will give you a whole new approach to cornering because you will have a plan.

Level 4

Level 4 takes a completely different turn and is custom designed for each rider. We ask you what needs to be improved. Now that a rider has spent at least three levels with us and discussed and practised over fifteen different riding skills, we design a program uniquely for that rider.

At Level 4 we take a very focused look at your skills and tie up the loose ends. Aside from the assigned on-track coach, we also provide a highly trained off-track consultant and throughout the day he will coordinate with your on-track coach and give you one-on-one attention to your riding.

Your riding will also be videoed and analysed and depending on track circumstances we aim to provide Level 4 students with an extra riding session to work on their individual program.

Please check our schedule to find a track and date suitable for you.

Private Coaching

This is as intense as it can get, one-to-one with one of our senior riding coaches. This is what we do in the GPs, WSB and BSB with countless club, national and international racers, as well as track day riders. With a tailored program developed for your specific needs, it’s an in-depth experience that rewards you with vast improvements.

There are several ways of doing private tuition, whether during a School day, track day or pit-lane style, dependent on what your goals are. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements or have a chat with one of our coaches.

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