California Superbike School Garage

Why not try one of our fleet on your next day with us?

Some people don’t have a bike that they want to take on track. Some people just don’t want to take their bike on track. Some people would rather not have to have a long ride home either end of the day. Others just like the ultimate VIP experience of not needing to worry about fuel, tyres or insurance.

Whatever your preference, you can rest assured that we have one of the latest Kawasaki mean machines on standby for you to enjoy at the school!

Our current fleet and costs are below, unlike other places,
your hire price includes:






When you decide what machine you would like to ride for the day, hit the button to book your hire bike!
Please see our FAQ’s below for more information:

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10


You can beat all opponents, but there is always a challenge you still have to face, the one within yourself. For those like you who rise to any challenge, we have developed the bike that a true champion deserves. The new Ninja ZX-10R & Ninja ZX-10RR have what it takes to win: all new aerodynamic body with integrated winglets, small & light LED headlights, TFT colour instrumentation, and Smartphone connectivity plus updates derived from Kawasaki Racing Team World Superbike expertise. Now that you have the definitive race focused Ninja, Face Yourself.

Kawasaki Z 900


Updated for 2021, the Z900 maintains the “Exciting and Easy” concept of its predecessor, while offering the next step in aggressive Z Sugomi styling. A host of advanced new features appear including integrated Riding Modes (combining newly added KTRC and Power modes), new TFT colour instrument screen, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, all-LED lighting and cleaner emissions.

Kawasaki Ninja 650


With its new trellis style frame, twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, low seat height and distinct Ninja personality the new Ninja 650 is a stylish and practical answer to the needs of a growing European audience. Appealing to those new to two wheels or moving from either a smaller or larger capacity machine, the Ninja 650 offers both sporting performance and weekday in-town versatility.

How soon do I need to book a hire bike?

As soon as possible ideally. We have a huge demand for hire bikes as people enjoy the convenience of having their very own bike with a valet service! As soon as you book your place with us, book your hire bike. If you need a hire bike at short notice, please email and we’ll do our best to look after you.

Can I cancel my hire bike after booking?

Yes you can, although we will charge a £50 administration fee, this is because we will most likely have turned someone away and will have to contact our waiting list to ensure the bike availability isn’t wasted.

Am I guaranteed the bike I book?

Occasionally things happen beyond our control, whether that be human, mineral, or mechanical. That said, we don’t face problems very often at all. Within all reasonable boundaries, you will get the bike that you have booked, but where you cannot have that bike, we will make sure another bike is available for you. As we say, this doesn’t happen at all often, so it’s not something worth worrying about.

What am I insured for?

The insurance we have for the bikes is full trackday cover from BeMoto Bike Insurance. This insures the bike for any damage that may occur to the bike whilst on the school. Our incident rate is super low, and our quality of training super high, so rest assured that you are more likely to have a safe and incident free date than not. In the event you come off the bike and damage is caused to the bikes, we have 3 options. 1- For severe damage / write off, we would charge an excess of £2,000 and recover our losses on the insurance. 2- For moderate damage, we would assess the damage and provide the cost of repair. We would either charge the £2,000 excess or a reasonable proportion of it to restore the bike to its former glory. 3- For minor damage, we will either charge a reasonable repair fee, or we may well waive the cost of the repair. The important thing to know is that we want you to have an incident free day, but more importantly, if something happens, we have our own mechanics and will not make excessive charges like other places. We just want to restore our bikes to how they were before any incident.

For all other questions or queries,
please email