Off-track Training Day

21 Aug 12
Try out specially-adapted machines at Silverstone

California Superbike School will be offering an opportunity to try out its specially-adapted machines at Silverstone on Tuesday 18th September.

Usually only available to students taking Levels 2-4 at the School, the no-BS, Brake Rig and Slide Bikes were invented by cornering guru Keith Code to help riders to understand and deal with fundamental misunderstandings associated with leaning, braking and sliding the bike.

The no-BS bike is the perfect tool for demonstrating how little effect moving body weight has on steering. Locking up the front wheel is one of the most terrifying parts of riding and the Brake Rig allows riders to experience a fully locked front wheel and then be trained how to save it. Meanwhile the iconic Slide Bike helps riders provoke a rear wheel slide and learn how to control it.

Held at Silverstone's wide-open Copse Runway on Tuesday 18th September, places cost £75 and are strictly limited, so for information on availability and qualification requirements click here.

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